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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Playlist for my funeral.

Only a music fanatic and a death antagonist like me can come up with an idea so strange. Observe the contrast of the emotions here. My insane love for music, my blind hate for death. And yet in the end, they will be united. Life may not begin with the note of a song, but it surely must end with one. This is how I would like it to end for me, in this particular order.

1. The Scientist - Coldplay
2. Theme from Love Story
3. Never say never - The Fray
4. Wish you were here - Pink Floyd
5. The Scientist (instrumental cover) - Old School Freight Train

And if Anirudh Tiwari is still in my life, I'll keep my promise.. he can sing.. "Goodbye my lover, goodbye my friend - James Blunt". In the beginning, the end, or wherever. And as an afterthought actually, Priyamvada should sing too. "How to save a life - The Fray."

This is it. The songs which will define my life.
And once you've played this playlist for me, you will all know that I do in fact, rest in peace.

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