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Monday, November 26, 2007

Three words .

A dawny morning
Turns gray
The happiness of yester days
Seems to fade away
As if my emotions
Were sucked right out
I`m forever doomed
There is no doubt

Another day, another prayer
I want this monotony to end..
There is no hope-there is no care
It`s time I face reality..

The rain falls
like heavenly drops
but it doesn`t heal my pain
I`m stuck alone..
In this misery
Fighting.. but in vain

And the sun comes back
Shining brightly..
For some it`s rainbow time..
But my sky grows darker
I can`t see no sun
There isn`t a speck of light

I pull the covers over me
As I try to fight reality
I know I must be strong
My life can`t go so wrong

But this pain goes on an` on
Never stopping.. never ceasing..
I`m suffocating now..
Think I stopped breathing..

And as all lights turn out
I slash, I cut, I bleed
But I feel a sense of relief
And here I am-
all fucked up
harming myself so bad
living on the edge..
of just three words..

kill me god..

Shiromi. *

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