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Monday, November 26, 2007

Me, myself, and ..

When I look at you..
I feel something deep down
I don’t know what it is
But my heart skips a beat
When I look at you..
I don’t act like I should
I feel I should say something funny
And my face feels hot
When I look at you..
I don’t know what comes over me
Have I felt it before?
My heart surely beats faster
When I look at you..
I’m glad that you’re looking
Making me conscious, nervous
And so weak inside
When I look at you..

I cant decide what I think of you
Is it your looks I like
But I’ve met smarter people
Then why do “you” catch my eye?
Why do you make me forget mewhy do you make my imagination wander
Why do you make me wonder
About me, myself,and..

..and the possibility that can exist
the possibility that’s so inviting
the possibility am hoping for
of me, myself, and..

it’s not like I’m crushing on you
it’s just that I like you a lot
and whenever I speak to you
my breath seems to get caught

and when I look at you
all I’m really thinking of
is—me, myself, and..

Shiromi. *

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