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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Hold on~

Those precious memories..
Were never forgotten
They just got buried deep down
In a corner of my heart
So far away, that
They didn’t make me smile or frown
But they were still there
Deep down inside
Hidden from this world, unseen
Slowly getting overshadowed
By newer, happier moments
On keeping which my heart was keen
Your memories I hid
In a lil lonely corner..
So I won’t look back at all
And move on in life..
With not a backward glance
Not thinking of our friendship’s fall

The world revolved.
Better things happened..
Things that made me smile..
“You” took a backseat..
and I guess I was successful
in removing your thoughts for a while..
but they`r still there..
those happy ecstatic memories..
buried deep in my heart.
And though we`v moved
ahead in our lives..
these memories will never part..
cuz things may have changed,
you may have changed
our frndship maybe forever gone..
But I wont ever
forget what it was..
to those memories..
I`ll always hold on..

Ps. I`ll hold on to you..
You fucked up bitch.!

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