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Monday, November 26, 2007

Can't smile again

I wish I could leave
This pain behind me
I wish I could walk
All alone
I wish I dint ever
Feel lonely
I wish there was
Some hope..

Cuz you cant stop the tears
That ain’t coming
Cuz you cant stop the bleeding
That ain’t there
And you can’t smile perfectly
When you’re broken
And that’s the reason I cant
Smile.. again..

I wish I could feel
Warmth around me
I wish I could soar
In the sky
I wish I had the strength
To move on..
I wish I had wings
So I’d fly

Cuz you cant feel wanted
When you’re lonely
Cuz you cant feel pain
When you’re numb
And no matter what
Anyone tells me
I know I cant
Smile.. again..

I wish I found
Someone to love me
I wish I found
Some care
I wish I could hear
My phone ringing
I wish I could just
Blurt out the truth

Cuz you can’t lie to
Yourself forever
Cuz you can’t hide
Away from the truth
And you can’t mend
A soul so injured
And you cant live
Without a soul..

And I wish I could just
End this misery
I wish I could
Drown in the air
I wish I had
Nothing around me
To tell me that
I wont be the same

Cuz you cant feel scared when you know,
That there is no better end
cuz you cant feel secure and perfect,
When you know you’ve lost it all again..
And I know that’s why..
I cant smile.. again..

Shiromi . *

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