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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Table No. 21

Hidden motives that are deep rooted in our subconscious aren't revealed properly for a long duration of time into our life. We rarely realize the meaning behind some of our major actions and decisions. The cause. The reason.

Today, as I watched the movie and howled like a baby after (wait, before you roll those eyes) it wasn't because of an immaculate script or brilliant screenplay or even impeccable originality. It was because it finally portrayed in an Indian context how the weak are always exploited.

Hold it right there though. Not the weak. The vulnerable. Or more correctly, in today's society - the innocent. The predators always preys on sheep and lamb and gazelles, for they're an unfit match. Inequality screams all around us in the animal world and we justify our actions by the same. What we ignore very casually is the fact that whereas animals do it for survival, we do it for mere sadistic pleasure.

Just because you can exploit the innocent, doesn't mean you should. Just because you have the power to hurt someone, doesn't imply you use it to cast the final blow. It's sad really that man is an animal that preys on another man. That society teaches us all across the world to step on the shoulders of others in order to climb a personal ladder. 'Progress for the sake of progress must be denied' rings out in my ears for I've been an avid Potter fan. But I'm not just talking about the mad rat race we're all a part of. I'm talking about exploitation and extortion and humiliation of the innocent. The rape of a person's self esteem and respect because he is your junior. I'm talking about any sort of pleasure that we derive in demoralising and ridiculing another human. Any sort of abuse, physical, sexual or mental that we inflict upon another person just because of a personal bias for which we ourselves are responsible.

We as a society are ruining lives. We as humans are failing to live up to our very name. The deranged and attention seeking individuals will find a target, any target to douse their constant need for pain infliction. And is there a solution ? What does cinema offer us ? A revenge plan which is unachievable and far too fancy to ever be put to action by a common man.

A Wednesday gave us a solution to terrorism. Khosla ka Ghosla gave us a solution to property theft and forceful ownership.
Revenge (a drama series from USA) gave us a solution for wrongful incrimination.
Now Table No. 21 gives us a solution to ragging.
The one thing common to them all ?
They are all impractical illusions of the creative mind.

These solutions are more frustrating than the problem itself. What are we as a society accepting then ? That only power and money can bring us justice or somewhere close enough to make the actual criminals realize their mistake ? That this is a vicious cycle with no end ? WHAT exactly ?

The real and only solution is accepting the existence of the abnormal in human behaviour. Identifying it, classifying it and then treating it. If a 10 year old could decide to become a psychiatrist just because she saw what all was wrong in the world, then it's time we as a society and nation embark upon the age of psychological awareness and right the wrongs that we have been committing.

If not now then when ?
If not like this then how ?

Until we can change the psyche of the polluted and imbalanced minds - the horizon which claims of a new tomorrow is going to remain just that - an impossible meeting point of land and sky which cannot exist in real life.

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