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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Old friends, old trends.

To the boy I lost,

I kept my promise didn't I? Ah well, I tried. It was a task to not call you as soon as the clock struck twelve, so I made sure I was fast asleep. It was yet another to not pre-order a cake or flowers. But well, such is life. We bind ourselves to our words and then forever are held by them. And I gave you my word this precise day last year and I guess it's imperative I keep it.

I will however take a walk down memory lane, hand in hand with the boy who I thought danced like a dream. The one with whom I unknowingly spent my summers and the one whose birthday I never missed. The one who tracked me down as we grew up and lost touch and then ensured that the latter never happened. The one who would drag me out when I didn't want to go and then take me to places that I was unaware of in my own city. The one who always made me pick and decide, the one who always called me back after I left a missed call and the one who sang with me, and encouraged that I go on.

Somewhere between the late night calls and very long drives, I lost you. To possessiveness (MY boy), insecurity, and my pathological need to flirt. When I thought we were growing closer, I was actually tearing us apart - the two perfect friends whom I used to quote to the world became the dust, covering history books seldom opened.

But well atleast the time we spent together was memorable enough to leave it's mark and important enough for me to miss it whenever it crosses my mind. I remember Polynation, and Cafe Coffee Day, and Wake Up Sid, and Pizza Hut, and Ajmer Highway, and.. Okay I remember a lot. From the white santro to the pitch dark terrace, and everything in between. It's a shock that our friendship's so platonic now for I recall it being anything but that, it was so natural. I guess all good things do come to an end. By that logic we must've been fucking brilliant for we ended at a lightning fast speed.

Eitherway, today's not about lamenting or remorse. It's to state my yearly affection and wish you the very best in every endeavor that you decide to take on. Despite anything and everything, you'll always have a friend in me because well, I kind of owe you for the absolute sweetheart you have been to me. Someone, somewhere will always care about you, a great deal more than you'll ever care to acknowledge, appreciate or accept. But then again, such is the paradox called life.

Love and hugs,
The round pink faced girl.

PS: Happy Birthday. It's a pleasure to have known you, the real you before it got scarred by the world aka me.  

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