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Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Soulmate, by default.

July 21st, 1992.

This is where it all actually began you know. They always say that someone somewhere is born because they're going to be important to you. And this date is proof that for once, they didn't lie. This is when the world ( or should I step back and thank mom? :P ) gave me you. My baby.

I don't know from where to begin because as always you've rendered me speechless ( you actually didn't have much to do with it, all I had to do was look at our picture for over a second and the effect was instantaneous ) and hunting for words. So I light myself a menthol ( the millionth similarity between us ) and try anyway for this date needs to be commemorated. It's about you.

You. Beautiful world isn't it?
I never realized quite how much until you happened. And how you happened I'll never fathom. From a drunken night among strangers to being your reflection, was it days or minutes or seconds in which we realized we were soulmates? In which you made me your baby and treated me like a princess gliding on molten air rather than the burning flames that my world was made of then; in which your arm around my waist didn't feel wrong and my feet on yours was your cue to make me your little girl for life. The only person I can take the 'little kid' from is you, the only person I run to is you and the only person whose stood by his promise to never let me see a world without him in it, is you. ( I just hope I'm not saying this too soon)

The ease and panache with which you unraveled me from my deeply entwined world and embedded into yours is remarkable really. I never had to pretend with you, you saw right through the moment you laid eyes on me. Your touch was never alien and there was a certain familiarity that came alongwith. The 'we-have-met-before' was a feeling I could just never shake. I guess in another universe, we had already spent a lifetime together so it was only natural that we kept up the tradition on this godforsaken planet as well.

You were never really a friend, or a rebound, or a boyfriend, or an ex - I still can't put a word to you actually. But you did that for me when you played me our first song - The Scientist. And that pretty much sums it up. You're that half of my existence that I ached for - the yes to all my nos and the wrong to all my rights. The love at first note ( Quote: You ). You've seen me at my erratic best and my emotional worst. You've stuck around despite the distance and scoffed at people when they said things about me which weren't true that you never even needed to ask for you just knew me, always. You've referred to me as 'our baby' to the one woman who matters most and kissed me on the forehead for her too. You've fought endless battles with the girl I'd kill for just to have exclusivity over our songs. And you've always believed in and accepted me, no questions asked, no eyebrows raised, no judgements passed.

So often I'm asked why you're still such an integral part of my life. I don't think the crowd gets it when I try and explain that I walked into your life by accident, but I stay in it on purpose. If that makes me a fool, glad to be so. Your fool. Because you've been the knight in shining armour for the damsel in distress both metaphorically and literally and I can never thank you enough. For what? For existing.

While leaving you once I'd said, 'I'm yours to bruise' and in all this time, I've never gone back on it - neither that nor anything else for words spoken to you were written not in ink but in blood and such words are never taken back. So for every bruise you give me, I smile.. for it's the mark of you on me and how can I even complain about that imprint? It's a reminder that you have a power over me like none other and I'm happy that you and you alone have it for you're the only one I'd trust with my soul, as tainted and twisted as it maybe. You're the only one with the power to protect it from this world, and to keep it safe and if that comes at the price of it being most vulnerable to you then that's a risk I'm willing to take. Never in my life did I feel as safe as I did in your arms or sleep half as well as I did while wrapped in you. I never had my heart beat in sync with someone else's and race just as fast or slow down completely. I never belonged.. Until you walked in and showed me exactly why my broken half had never fit with any other for it wasn't meant for mortals. This love, for no other. Now do you trust me when I say it ?

I can write endlessly and still not do you justice for I could never do us justice. I could try and tell you that I'll try my best to not let us lose each other in the sands of time. I'll try to prove to the world how very wrong they are about you and how I see you, and will always see the real you beneath all these layers. I'll even confess to always remaining Your Delilah, in heart and body and mind, despite and after everything. And I can promise you one thing for sure.. In a world gone silent, I'll be your sound..

I have always and will always fight the world for you, which sounds silly really since you don't even need me to - you're quite the bar-fighter yourself. Regardless of that, I'll never regret a moment that I stole from the world as long as I spent it with you; nor ties that I severed for this was meant to be. I don't mind having lost for I found you. It was destined you know.
Humein milna hi tha humdum, kisi raah bhi nikalte..

All the love in this universe falls short when it's paralleled with what I feel for you,
For I love you like I love the sea. And I'm okay with drowning.

Infinite kisses,
Your Soulmate.
For now and forever.

Ps: For you, a thousand times over.
Bareh tu, hazar dafa.

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