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Friday, August 12, 2011

We used to stay up and fight till this hour.

And now I just stare at a screen that reads, 'whatever helps you sleep'
That was my line. Just like you.
And nothing helps me sleep at night.
But I sleep anyway. I dream of lands far away, of the people who love me and people who're still standing by me, just like they promised a decade ago; before the sleep becomes tortured and takes me down to the hell below.

But I stare at the screen anyway. I fall asleep looking at it and wake up to it. And then instead of replying, I end the chat. Because letting you go over and over again is all I can do. In the hope that maybe someday you'll just not let me or someday I wouldn't have to or someday I will, and not look back for the scattered pieces of us.

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