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Monday, August 29, 2011

Everything Fades Away

You spend your life holding on to things and people and moments but just like that you lose them.. The people, first. Then the things related to them come second. And last come the moments.. Which too eventually fade away. Memories don't last forever.. No matter how pleasant or sweet. No matter how hard you hold on to them. They start to blur. And eventually all you're left with are those hollows of the memories you once had. You don't admit to anyone, not even yourself, that you miss them. Neither the people, nor the things and least of all the moments. Because you believe that they live on in you. I believed they lived on in me. That I would always remember.. The tiniest details, the most insignificant dates, the simplest emotions. But holding on is such a waste of time. And holding on to the wrong people? Too much so.

Letting go is all you can do sometimes. But what's worse is when you drown it all completely. Everything that ever meant anything. When you pick it all up and scratch it all out. When hate starts to blind you and you change your 'forever' to 'never'.

A little pointer.
Choose your friends wisely. And once you make someone a friend who matter enough, let them remain just that. Anything more, inevitably screws you over.

Friendship never meant the same to everyone. And my definition of it surely never matched with the world's. For me it was everything. Touché then really that I made friends with people who'd throw it all away for nothing.

You threw away the friendship.
Then the love.
And lastly, the trust.
Without trust, what are we anyway?

But congratulations, you've had your revenge. And if your happiness is something you doubted I'd stand in the way of, you never did know me. Since you never knew me, this mustn't hurt. Since I never knew you, this isn't much of a loss. Then why does it feel like someone ripped my insides?

Well played though.
I was alas, just your game.
And you my friend, became the perfect player.
To the game called us, and the casanova called you.

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