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Friday, August 19, 2011

All those times.

"I'm such a whiner know?"
"No baby, you're not."
"But he won't call.. WHY won't he just call?"
"Arey, chill. He will. Or I'll slap him for you tomorrow."

All those times when I was lost, you found me fiddling around with the nothings of my bare hands and gave me something that would distract me. Those times when I was insecure, about me, or life, or him, or him, you listened to me patiently, and then gave me hope that it would all work out. Times when I was whining about life being a bitch, you cribbed with me and promised to throw stones at the people and things that got me mad. All those times when I was up late waiting for someone online, or woke up early from a nightmare, you were there to help me count sheep until sleep graced me. When nobody believed me, you held my hand and said, screw them, I get you, I'm with you. And when the world had written me off as some slut and him as some whore, you stood up for me to people I don't even know and defended me to them, and him to me. You loved the ones the world was too busy hating, coz you saw the people under the cover.

Friendship means different things to different people and when your friendship came to mean the world to me, I don't really know. Because I can't remember a day when it didn't already mean that to me.. when you didn't mean as much as you mean now.

People for me happen in moments and sparks. You happened over a phone call in which we were both fake bitching about a boy we adore while I sat next to my mother in the car she was about to crash and you drove the same boy off to the station. They were both yelling in our ears at our respective ends of the world and yet, when we talked, we just talked. Nothing and nobody came in the way. They still don't. They can't.

Seven months baby.. It's been seven months since I came to know you and it feels like I've known you all my life. I know you inside out, but well that's not the surprising part, you are just amazing, what's there to not know and instantly like. You know me! And you love me just the same. That's no mean feat. Hitting it off is never difficult, no, but lasting this time, phew, that's what makes this so special.

All those dark, dreary days when I felt like I was alone and distant from everyone and everything I cared about, thank you for making that skype call and ensuring that I felt loved. Being with you is being on a constant sugar rush, It's a happy, intoxicationless high of sorts. I'm high on you. I'm high on us baby. Always.

So then it's no surprise is it that you've made it to this side of my world too? And that I'm giving you a side of me very few people get.. my words? It's no shock really that I am smiling to myself just typing all this and reminiscing everything we've had so far. And it's no big deal really that I just know that we'll be friends, forever. 'Coz souls don't just break apart you know..

Someone once told me, "She doesn't get close to people fast. Or open up to them."
I was taken aback since 'we' never took any time to cross that bridge.
Someone else added, "Yeah, you're an exception."
So thank you baby, for trusting in me and letting me be your exception. I promise to forever be one. Through all the madness and deceit and this fake-pretentious world, I promise you an eternity of me. A 'me' who really loves you. A 'me' who will stand by you, for you and up for you no matter what (yes, murders and rapes are included here) :P
And a 'me' who will love you endlessly just because you are that lovable.

Happy Birthday Snigdha.
I hope you know today, and always, that if someone this far away whom you've met for half a night can feel this way about you (despite being totally straight :P) then you really are something.

All my love, for all those times, and the many more to come.


  1. Thank you so much for this baby. I've bookmarked this page forever. So when ever I'm low, I will just read this and make myself happy. I love you okay.