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Friday, May 20, 2011


Achievements at times cut across like daggers through the past,
But they too will never last,
Just like the memories which,
Have left me trapped me in a cast.

Meaningful yet so meaningless,
And as you took off my dress,
My lips upon yours did press,
Feeling even your slightest caress.

Shiny medals and a certificate or two,
Could never be compared to you,
Or us or what we built; so new,
And yet something shared by such few.

Longing and crashing into those arms,
And ignoring every and each alarm,
Walking instead with you in those farms,
Me and you and us and our charm.

I've won not few but races a many,
And I'll deal in dollars and not just a penny,
Because this is us and not just any,
Mere, meaningless cacophony.

So you win more battles and I'll fight more wars..
Alongside everything else we'll ignore..
And you build that shiny castle, and spread your wings..
Because after the winter, we'll have our spring.
And as I shiver through this winter, I'll wait for the spring
Because I know, what it will bring
A day if not an eternity of us..
Just me and you.. this time no one plus.

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