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Wednesday, December 15, 2010


You know how after a long break, when you pick up the pen, it's sort of weird to write again? The crisp paper feels different from the summer and suddenly the pen isn't your friend like it used to be. You need some time to get acclimatized to it all, all over again. It's not that you've forgotten how it's done, you just need a while before you can do it perfectly again, because this is what you waited for all summer.

When you drive after ages, the revving of the car is the best feeling in the world. You're not even apprehensive, it's like you belong there. The roads are yours to conquer. You're the master of your destiny. You're not hesitant, you're just eager to drive your baby again. To feel the rhythm of the wheels beneath you and let the vibration take control, as you melt yourself into it.

Different things make you feel differently after a span of time. Some, you don't quite know how to react to, while others, well you know it only too well that it was just a matter of time. They were just, meant to be.

Should I be hesitant or let it all go.
Because maybe, just maybe, this was all meant to be.

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