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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

linger ~

You're a whirl in the smoke, 
like those clouds that don't last.
those shapeless seems of white-grey patterns,
that you want should mean something.
but they don't;

You're the smoke because you stay on
in the head
long after,
I've blown you out.
you're infectious like that;

you're not here and yet you are
in meaningless things,
wordless phrases,
distant memories
and subtle thoughts.

I want to drown you with a drink,
i want to escape you somehow
because you know just when i'll trip
and i'm not sure
you'll catch me this time;

Your grasp on me,
never too tight,
was the perfect type of right.
Your breath on my neck,
and molten words,
on my skin;

You spin me around.
You always did.
you look at me,
gaze right down to the core.
pierce me;

In your arms,
i fit.
In your hugs,
i collapse.

Always and forever,
True love and eternity,
Soul mates and happily everafters,
I believe in none
and yet, I believe in them all;

You make me believe
and then take it all away,
the faith.
and leave me heartbroken with just few things,
the longing, the wait;

and with one last drag.
I wish I could exhale you.
but you stay on,
as always.

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