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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Where I stood.

I can't see you upset. If you come to me, I will do all in my power to make you smile, whether I know you a day or a lifetime. If you break, know that I'll be trying my best to put back the pieces of you together. For I know what it is to shatter and feel like the winds have torn apart your world. I know what it is to have a phone that refuses to ring or a text or mail which remains unanswered. I know what it is to have contacts in your phonebook you dare not stop at too long, for the temptation to hit call is just too endearing. That feeling you get when you watch a person change and your brain tells you to accept the change while your heart screams out that they will always be the same person to you. The realization that you have to let go.. even of the memories, for their sanctity has been tarnished. To have one bad day after the next, all the time losing faith in the existence of justice, karma and a higher power above.

You're not the only one whose had to cry themselves to sleep or wake up with screams caught in their throats from reliving their worst nightmare. You're not the only one to have experienced loss. You're not the only one who flunk the paper that mattered the most. You're not the only one who was laughed at or ridiculed for their ideas or thoughts or opinions. You're not the only one who loved. You're not the only one who lost. You're not the only one who wanted to give up, so bad.

I know what it's like to relate to a song like the lyrics were written for you and also what it is like to have to delete your favourite songs from your playlist for they remind you of things you no longer have the strength to face. I know what it is to want a fairytale for yourself but getting this bitch called life in return instead. I know what it's like to think you're finishing last in every race you take part in. I know all about holding back and holding in. I know what it's like to not be able to tell your best of friends what you feel for you don't want to be termed weak. I know what it is to start believing that you are weak.

You're not weak, you're human. You lost your sanctuary and your faith but I will help you build it again. I will resurrect the person you think has vanished. That smile that's disappeared, will grace your face again, I promise. Come to me and I'll take you in, no questions asked, no reasons required. I cannot be your friend for those relations take time to build, but I can be your strength. I can be the tide that carries you home. I can be the star that guides your soul to where it longs to be. Because, I stood once where you stand now. And I know.

For you, who think you're alone.
You're not.

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