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Saturday, January 28, 2012

And that's how the jovial child turned twenty-four.

It's funny how we've grown up and live our own lives now. Put our own alarms, make our own coffee, cook our own food and manage our own lives. We're independent. But ever so often the kid in us calls out to us. Says, hey, I need a break. Alas! There's no break from life.

But as we sat by the riverside today, oblivious to the future and impervious to the worries of day to day life, we stole from life, hours for that kid that lives within. We spoke not of anything important whatsoever, lived in the moment and the most productive outcome of the day was truckloads of laughter. It was like reliving one of those school picnics in which we rode the bus singing all the way to the destination in our non-melodious, sore voices and once there created so much ruckus that eventually even teachers had to turn a blind eye for we were uncontrollable. Such were the days of childhood. 

The bus might have been replaced by a boat and we now hold beer bottles in place of innocent coke cans. The tour- guides remain their same over-talkative, boring self but we still ignore their banter with just as much ease. A river stood in place of a resort pool and instead of a crowd, we felt the peace and serenity that comes with a private island. But in it's essence, as we ganged up on each other and splashed water into each other's faces, it hit me - today, we were kids again.