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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Boys. In 'general'.

So, I don't have a following to boast of and my blog is pretty insignificant on the blogspot market (unlike the famous blog of Open Letter to a Delhi Boy and it's retorts) so I guess I can take the risk of 'generalizing' boys in this post.

They're mean. And confused. And lost. They don't know what they want from themselves, much less this life. And for sure, they don't know what they want from US. They come into our lives and then turn it upside down before toppling it all over completely. They don't stick to promises or even their own feelings. They're people of the 'moment' and if in that moment they're over you, or it, or whatever the fuck it is, then they just are. Nothing nobody can do about it. Whatever you built with them, comes crashing down in this 'moment'. And if they regret it after, their huge egos don't let them admit it to us or probably even themselves. They're "strong" afterall. They need nobody. They're fine by themselves.

But then who isn't? We are too! Why do you even walk into our lives and say words you don't mean? You think we're emotionally stunted that we need an 'iloveyou' before or after sex? Nop. We can handle flings. We can do 'non-attachment'. But then deal your cards right so that when you fold, we're not left dumbstruck. Your emotional maturity may range from half a teaspoon to one tablespoon but we happen to mean what we say. Our forevers don't come often but when they do, we mean them (whether in friendship or in relationships or life, in general).

Boys are selfish. They'll put their happiness before everything and everyone. They hurt people they once "loved" repeatedly and never even feel bad about it. I wonder what it takes to make such a heart, a heart of absolute stone. How you can just end something out of nowhere and then come back saying you didn't mean it or go on with your life like nothing ever happened and you're glad to be on the market 'single' again.

Boys, not just boys from delhi or pune or wherever tend to work by the same parameter. A 'hot' girl is skinny (at times anorexia prone) and fair and tight lipped and with a great rack. Intellect plays a role, very rarely and that can be thrown away for shacking up with the above mentioned girl.

Ah, boys.
But you know who're worse than boys?
Us, girls. We fall for them over and over again knowing all of the above but giving our heart away regardless because we hope, wish, pray that somehow we've found that one in a million exception who will do anything in his power to not hurt us, or break us and just live up to his promises in general. We truly suck. We don't move on. We don't give up. We're the suckers that hold on to people for dear life when they actually couldn't care less. We feel things will work out someday.

I'm a little girl at the core of it all, your little girl, and yes, you can break me, totally and completely. Drain me of whatever little faith I have left in mankind. You can make me bleed and give up on love as a concept in general but then again, I'm the little girl who believes in fairytales. And you called me your princess. So yes, I do believe that you're my knight in shining armor. And for as long as you shine, in your light, I'll bask too. When you take that away, I'll be the hollowed, dark me again refusing to let even the sun's radiance warm me for this time you'll scar my soul.

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  1. I apologize for the late comment. However, this is so true baby. It feels like you just read my mind. It's beautiful. And I think I should send this to every guy I know.