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Friday, March 25, 2011

Last night.

Suspended mid-air,
into the particles,
the tiny little specks of this universe,
a parallel world
of bliss
and soft tears
rolling down my cheek
as you say what I've wanted you to say.

Suspended mid-air,
into the molten lyrics,
of the song you're singing to me,
my lullaby
just mine
words you strung together,
beats you formed
to bring us closer, over all this distance.

Suspended mid-air,
and just then
I jerk,
I'm free falling..
spinning towards nothingness
and gravity
free falling..
but you catch me this time..
I fell right into your arms.


  1. So Pretty Shiromi :) and so pure and nice..

  2. Thanks Juhi :D
    It means a lot, really.