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Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas Musings .

I'll hold your hand
And you'll hold mine
Step by step, we'll walk ahead

I'll wrap my arms around you
And you'll lend me your overcoat
When it's getting too chilly

My muffler around our necks
Your warmth on my frozen hands
And the whispers .

Our shadows behind us
The dim sun shine above us,
Love within.

And I'll pray to Santa
For many more such chilly mornings
Just so I can walk with you

The excuse, a cold house
And out with you, warmth inside
A glow upon my face

Laughter & playful fights
Snow mans with red noses,
Singing carols for us

Then the unfurling darkness
My fear, your reassurance
The hug.

The detour into a side alley
The longing..
And then under the mistletoe
The much awaited christmas present,
Your lips .

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