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Monday, August 1, 2011


Let's walk this ledge baby. Let's see if we trip over under all the alcohol and the cool breeze that's not letting my skin rest without painting a million goosebumps on it.

Let's break the evens and the odds. Our lives so closely bound, wound on a sugar in a helix, complimeting.. Completing the other.. Let's see if catalysts can melt us down.

Let's see if we make it through. Or get tangible and break like fragile crystals that explode on their minutest interaction with harmless air even.

Let's let it all dissolve to nothing.. Everything.. Especially the absence.. YOUR absence.. ; in this void filled with chemicals and atoms and molecules which seem to have been brought together senselessly.

Let's swim across and see if we survive it, the poisoned water and the dangerously ugly fish to reach that place without neither, where we always wanted to be, or drown right through.

Let's bring back yesterday. 'Cause yesterday had us and today just has it's memory and I don't know which tomorrow will make it a reality again.

Let's relive that dawn baby.. Let's cross that bridge once more.. Let me steal you from the world.. While you take my breath away..

Let's make all those promises again. And maybe just maybe this time I wouldn't have to keep waiting for them to come true..

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